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MagnoX are a Doom Metal and Classic Heavy Rock influenced Super-Heavy Rock band based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

New Video: A Walk In The Darkness

Another new single


A Walk In The Darkness

Going for a walk in the darkness,
Ignorant, infected and underdressed,
Going for a walk regardless,
the wandering tribe of the dispossessed.

A nightmare vision of a dystopian future where the underclass have been banished from the towns and cities, now available on Bandcamp


New single


Slugs For Salt

Life is hard in the shadows,
With just a stomach and a foot,
Blind and helpless, always groping,
Reviled and misunderstood.

A scathing comment on everyday racism in modern Britain and Brexit, now available on Bandcamp




Lord Hagos

Guitars, bass, vocals

Instigator and lead writer on this project, Lord Hagos has been a plague on the underground music scene for many years. He has mixed live shows for the likes of Black Label Society and Ash, produced records for Senser, Dub War and Linea 77 and played bass for Sleeping Dogs Wake, Lodestar and Ozric Tentacles.

Rick McMurray


Rick has long been and continues to be the rhythmic powerhouse behind the Northern Irish multi-platinum selling Pop/Rock outfit Ash- which is where his and Lord Hagos' paths first crossed. 
MagnoX affords him the opportunity to lay down some far heavier grooves.


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